Friday, May 15, 2009

Thank you from Nkazi

Good Morning Ginger
> Please pass this message to Rainbow Artists precious
> ladies.
> On behalf of the two communities( especially the
> women) that you generously and kindly welcomed and fed, I
> wish to express our heartfelt thanks for your warmth, your
> tenderness and love that you showed.
> May you receive abundant blessings for all you have
> done and continue to do on behalf of the lonely people that
> find themselves having to rebuild their lives under very
> difficult circumstances.
> Nkazi Sinandile
> Director and Founder of
> Women's Global Pathways New Mexico
> Founder of Tutoring At Bambanani
> Village
> African and Bhutanese Refugee
> Community Support Coordinator
> Co-Founder and Vice President
> for the South African Orion Duet Ministries

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