Saturday, May 23, 2009

Calls for Entries

SUBVERSIVE STITCHING: Feminist Artists with a Needle

Organized by Through the Flower
Juried by Artist Judy Chicago & Laura Addison, Curator of Contemporary Art, New Mexico Museum of Art.

Call for art in all needlework and textile media from artists' who reside in New Mexico. Works submitted should include a focus on gender. One winner will be awarded a $500 cash prize.

Entry deadline: October 16, 2009
Notice of inclusion: November 20, 2009

Exhibition dates:
January 23, 2010 - May 31, 2010
Through the Flower in Belen, NM and online at

Please submit images of three works with at least one detail of each piece and one page double spaced artist statement. Entry fee $25.00

Please contact Through the Flower for entry form at 505.864.4080 or visit the Feminist art section at to download application.

Juror:Judy Chicago
Judy Chicago's legacy as an artist is inseparable from her pioneering role in Feminist art and education. The Dinner Party, The Birth Project and the Holocaust Project, are monumental collaborative works which explored her deepening feminist vision. Chicago's reputation as a major influence on postmodern art stems from the maturing of a younger generation of artists and scholars who viewed and studied her milestone feminist projects.

Juror: Laura Addison
Laura Addison is the curator of contemporary art at the New Mexico Museum of Art, a position she has held since 2001. Among the exhibitions she has curated are Mind over Matter: Reworking Women's Work; Embodied: Seven Studies in Video; Constellation; The Art & Artifice of Science; and Flux: Reflections on Contemporary Glass. Her professional experience also includes work in the publishing and gallery industries. She holds a B.A. from Cornell University, and an M.A. from University of New Mexico, where one of her areas of focus was the confluence of gender, performance and revolution.

Through the Flower is a non-profit Feminist art organization founded by Judy Chicago in 1978. Our mission is to educate a broad public about the importance of art and its power in countering the erasure of women's achievements.

One Million Bones is a fundraising art installation designed to recognize the millions of victims killed or displaced by ongoing genocides occurring on our watch.

Historians agree that the moon landing was the 20th century’s greatest event. In 1961, the odds makers placed 1000:1 odds against a successful moon landing; it was considered an ‘Impossible Dream.’

The Saturn V moon Rocket was the key to a successful mission, and is certainly the most amazing machine ever built. In order to get to the moon and back safely, an engine of 165,000,000 horsepower was needed. It needed to accelerate from zero to 25,000 miles per hour to escape earth’s gravity. If any of 3,000,000 parts failed, so would the mission. There was no room for error.

Inspired by President Kennedy’s bold vision of “a man on the moon by the end of this decade,” a team of almost half a million engineers and technicians from dozens of countries worked round-the-clock. They succeeded. Their ‘Impossible Dream’ was completed ahead of schedule, and under budget – and without a single Saturn V launch failure.

The 38-story Saturn V moon rocket is an inspiring and tangible reminder that when people from all over the world collaborate on an important mission that nothing is impossible. Any mission can be accomplished, any dream can come true, and any challenge can be met.

Dear friends,
Here is a web site for an rfp for vestments for St. Michael’s Episcopal Church. Peruse it, use it, and/or pass it on to anyone who might be interested.

All I know is that there is $5000 in the pot for new vestments as a whole. For information and pictures on the building and types of services, you can check The building itself is at 601 Montano NW.
Best wishes,
Grace Collins

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