Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Church of Stop Shopping

Apocalypse is from the Greek, and it has a surprising root definition. It comes from "to reveal, to unveil." When the system breaks down, we see the truth of the system's center, of its root. --Reverend Billy

Fact of the Day:
The Church of Stop Shopping is a project that has expanded from a one-man performance artist preaching against consumerism on the sidewalks of Times Square to a 35-person choir and 7-person band with dozens of original songs, a critically acclaimed stage show, a major motion picture and multiple media platforms. The Church is committed to educating the public about the consequences of unsustainable consumption. The message -- consuming less-- is the single most effective and immediate response an individual can take to immediately halting the climate crisis. This same message has reached millions of people and has contributed to the public's increasing awareness of the relationship between shopping and climate change.

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Joan Saks Berman said...

The Church of Stop Shopping was featured in a TV program some time ago. I can't remember if it was on NOW or Bill Moyers, or where. If you want to find the video of it, it's probably available through Google.